NYOS Charter School


At NYOS Charter School we respect the privacy of our donors and are committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity in all fundraising efforts. The Development Department will not share, loan, trade, rent, or sell our donor list to any other organizations, be it city, state or nationwide.


Champion Excellent Education!


NYOS Charter School is a free, public school of choice. Each year, delivering excellent academic experiences for our diverse student population costs much more than state funding provides. Due to charter school funding formulas in Texas, NYOS, receives less funds than traditional public schools. The funding laws have the following charter school provisions:

  • No local tax revenue is available to charter schools
  • No state aid is available to cover costs of buildings and facilities

The result is:


  • NYOS receives approximately $1,400 less per student from state funds per year


NYOS relies upon charitable donations and fundraisers to bridge the funding gap and provide the resources necessary to give every student an extraordinary education.


Becoming a Champion:  How Does My Donation Help NYOS Charter School?


The CHAMPION FUND is our annual fundraising campaign.  Donations to this campaign sustain our commitment to small class sizes, field-based learning experiences, and competitive wages for highly qualified and talented teachers.


NYOS Charter School depends on donations from its NYOS Champions to provide the unique educational environment that is our school.  All donations directly impact the quality of education provided at NYOS.  How will your donation do this?  Our staff offered these ideas on how your generosity can make a difference:


$25 - Champion Arts Education! – NYOS students creatively connect to the world around them.  A $25 donation will buy sketchbooks for an entire class.


$50 - Champion Scientific Exploration! – NYOS teachers’ value giving their students interactive experiences. A $50 donation will help our students dive into science by supplying frogs used in biology experiments.


$100 - Champion Quality Classrooms! – NYOS students and teachers share educational adventures in their classrooms. It is essential that classrooms are equipped to provide a variety of learning experiences.  A $100 donation would buy 5 pairs of high quality KOSS headphones which would allow students to hear an audiobook or listen to their musical creation.


$500 - Champion Teacher Excellence! NYOS teachers are passionate about developing skills to keep their students energized and engaged with learning.  A $500 donation will fund one teacher to participate in the High Reliability School Summit where teachers acquire strategies that will help students learn the content and skills they need for success in college, careers and beyond.


$1000 - Champion Hands On Experiences! – NYOS students explore the world around them in a variety of ways.  A $1000 donation would equip classrooms with cameras and a projector, allowing them to document their educational journey.