Rankings & Success

NYOS Charter School's Success:
NYOS Charter School—Not Your Ordinary School—has provided an extraordinary public education to students in Austin, Texas. It is through a commitment to our students, our staff, and our academic excellence that we have been able to grow from 120 students in grades K-7 to over 1,700 students in grades PreK-12.
At NYOS Charter School, we educate the whole student. We foster a collegial Pre-K – 12 program that challenges each learner with rigorous academics, innovative strategies, and expectations for civic engagement. We also focus on creating an environment that maximizes student achievement for everyone. Student learning is optimized through research-based professional development, small class sizes, field-based experiences, and a commitment to meeting each individual student’s needs. Teachers consistently monitor student performance and utilize data to guide curriculum and instruction.
At NYOS, we attract and recruit highly effective faculty. Professional development is job-embedded so that teacher teams are able to meet a minimum of seven hours each week. The allocated time allows teachers to review student performance, align curriculum, and make data-driven decisions regarding student instruction.
We have participated in national and international assessments, such as the OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) to gain a better understanding for our students’ performance in comparison to the global community. Student impact is always the top consideration for all decisions such as tests as the PISA gave us quality information that we can use to improve current strategies.
At NYOS, we encourage our high school students to take Advanced Placement and dual credit courses to experience the rigor and expectations of college. We are proud that the 4-Year Longitudinal Rate of Graduation for NYOS has been 98% with others pursuing missions in far-flung areas and careers here in Austin.
NYOS Charter School's Commitment:
Train Our Teachers:
We provide high-quality professional development along with dedicated time each week for teachers to biology class photocollaborate and refine their techniques. Our teachers embrace the opportunity to continually build their skills and the result is highly effective and innovative instruction.
Extend Our Curriculum:
We provide multiple pathways for students to extend their learning beyond the classroom. We partner with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Austin to provide after-school programs for students in grades K-8. This program allows us to close learning gaps as well as foster stronger relationships between staff, students, and parents at an early age. In addition, students at all grade levels connect their classroom learning to the real world with regular field-based study trips, service learning projects, and national and international travel guided by NYOS teachers.
Provide Technological Resources:
We ensure that students have whole classroom access to advanced technology in order to support 21st-century learning. This technology includes tablets, Chromebooks, laptops, Smartboards, and Google Apps for Education. Face-to-face instruction is balanced with online opportunities. Students learn and hone skills so that they are prepared to interact with technology tools in every environment and multiple safeguards keep our students safe while online at school.
Prepare for College & Career:
Highly qualified teachers, 35% of whom have a Master's degree or higher, provide PreK-12 students with a challenging curriculum in an intellectually safe and collaborative culture. Students advance in academic knowledge and proficiencies, coupled with crucial life skills: organization, time management, conflict resolution, flexibility, communication, and advocacy. In this way, NYOS students are poised for success after they leave high school.