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The Business Services Department at NYOS offers a comprehensive range of essential services to support our students, staff, and community. Our Communications team ensures timely and effective dissemination of information to our families and staff, while Community Outreach builds strong relationships and partnerships with our families as well as within our local area. The Registrar manages student records with precision and confidentiality, and the PEIMS (Public Education Information Management System) team oversees critical data reporting and compliance. Our dedicated Nursing staff provides vital health services, ensuring the well-being of our students, and our friendly receptionist is always ready to assist with inquiries and direct visitors efficiently. Together, these services create a supportive and well-organized environment for our school community.

James Douglas, Director of Business Services
Business Services Team (by Department):
Blanca Martinez, Community Outreach Specialist
Nicole Pane, District Receptionist
Isela Valles, District Registrar
LaTasha Johnson, Elementary Health Aid
Marilyn Stapleton, PEIMS Coordinator
Maddy Wood, Registered Nurse