State Testing & AP Exam Scores

NYOS Charter School's Texas Academic Performance Report for the 2018-2019 school year, which includes findings related to STAAR and AP exam results can be found here
STAAR 2018-2019
The following STAAR results show all students who are approaching, meeting, or above grade level:
STAAR 2018-2019 exam results
Navy blue indicates NYOS STAAR results and grey indicates state STAAR results
STAAR test results for 2018
STAAR scores at NYOS versus AISD and the state of Texas
AP 2018-2019
The following AP results show the percentage of AP students with exam scores of  3+ (at criterion):
AP Exam Scores 2018-2019
Navy blue indicates NYOS AP results and grey indicates state AP results
AP/IB test scores