Public Information Requests

Notice for Public Information Requests
NYOS Charter School recognizes that Texas law gives the public the right to access certain government records that are otherwise not exempted from disclosure, and that the law contains guidelines for the timeframe in which we must respond to requests for information. However, due to current federal, state, and local emergency declarations and “stay-at-home” orders related to COVID-19, our school’s normal operations have been suspended. Moreover, on April 17, 2020, Governor Greg Abbott issued Executive Order GA-16, which closed all schools in the State of Texas for the remainder of the 2019–2020 school year. At this time, our school system is operating on a skeleton crew basis and our administrative offices are closed, meaning that we are generally unable to access school records.

The Attorney General recognizes that the following days do not count as “business days” for purposes of calculating deadlines for responding to public information requests: (i) skeleton crew days are not business days; (ii) a day on which our administrative offices are closed is not a business day; and (iii) closure days due to public health or epidemic response do not count as business days, even if staff continue to work remotely or if limited staff are on-site but involved directly in the public health or epidemic response. For these reasons, we currently are not processing open records requests. We will resume processing requests within the timeframe required by state law once normal operations resume.
To request information related to NYOS Charter School finances, please contact Director of Finance, Hweilu Chen, at [email protected]
To request information related to all other NYOS Charter School requests, please contact Community Outreach Specialist, Amy Elms, at [email protected]