New Campus


Dear NYOS Community,


As you know, NYOS is expanding the Lamar campus, and with an expected opening in the 2021-22 academic year, things are moving!  The design and planning phases are nearly completed, we are finalizing financing, and we will break ground in the 2nd quarter of the year.  This is an exciting time, and as the project nears the construction phase, we realize you may have many questions; hence, we are committed to providing the NYOS community with updates and information.


This new section of our website will be updated periodically as the project progresses.  Additionally, we will be making presentations to various groups in the NYOS community.  If your group or organization would like an update on the project, feel free to contact us, and we will work to have a speaker available.


The Board, administration, staff and families have all chosen NYOS because we believe the approach NYOS takes to educating our children is unique, has value, and serves as the foundation for a child’s future success.  We look forward to making this opportunity available to more families and to creating a permanent home for our Pk-3 grades. Thank you for your support as we make this dream a reality!


Kathleen‌ ‌Zimmermann‌ ‌
Executive‌ ‌Director‌ ‌
NYOS‌ ‌Charter‌ ‌School‌ ‌

David‌ ‌Molina,‌ ‌P‌H‌.D.‌ ‌
Community‌ ‌Member‌ ‌and‌ ‌Chair‌ ‌
NYOS‌ ‌School‌ ‌Board‌


Why the expansion?


The Board approved this major, strategic effort to meet certain goals.


  • NYOS believes in its mission to educate the whole child. An important aspect of this work promotes the mission via the instructional model. The expansion will give NYOS an opportunity to bring the instructional model to more students and further promote the mission in the larger charter school community.
  • We believe in the value and success of NYOS’ approach to education, and the NYOS model has proven to be an attractive option for area families. We currently serve over 1000 students and have a waitlist—many of those siblings of current students—that continues to grow. With a clear ethical imperative, the Board sought to provide more children with access to the benefits of a NYOS’ education, as well as serve many students on our waitlist.
  • The Kramer campus has served NYOS well, but the elementary school has been disadvantaged being split between the campuses. The vision for the school is to unify the grades, and this building expansion will allow us to unify all of NYOS at one location.


What’s the plan?


The long range strategic plan for the campus expansion consists of


  1. A new elementary school building
  2. A new middle school building
  3. Renovations of the current Lamar facilities
  4. A practice/playing field
  5. A gym


The design of the new campus will integrate the existing Lamar buildings, with the additional buildings, the field, and the gym to form a unified NYOS campus.


The first stages of the expansion—the field, the new instructional buildings, and some early renovations to the existing buildings—are slated for opening in the Summer of 2021, with the remainder—the gym and more extensive Lamar renovations soon to follow.


In this initial stage of expansion, the new buildings will add 76,300 sq. ft. of new classroom and administrative space. One building will house the elementary school; the other the middle school. The high school will expand into the four existing buildings. In all, NYOS will be able to accommodate roughly 1000 more students.

The parameters
Expansion doesn’t come without some concerns. Hence, the expansion plan has operated under certain parameters important to our NYOS community. Our community told us, any plans for expansion must ensure
• the mission is not compromised;
• the core values are upheld;
• the parameters of the charter are not violated;
• the culture of NYOS is preserved;
• the risk to the School’s financial integrity and academic performance is minimized; and
• the goals for expansion are addressed: serving more students, unifying the campuses, and promoting the instructional model.
These parameters guided the planning and decision making process.
What’s changing and what’s staying the same?
Although the student population will nearly double. The increase in student population will not occur immediately. The plan calls for the staggered introduction of students in the lower grades, with the gradual increase in the upper grades as students matriculate through the system.

The expanded, unified campus will offer some features and benefits to all students and staff. Some of which include:


  • an expanded library;
  • a PE/practice/sports field;
  • playgrounds, gardening areas and play spaces;
  • a site prepared for a future gymnasium, and eventually a gym itself;
  • traffic flow that minimally disrupts traffic on W Yager Ln and N Lamar Blvd;
  • parking options on campus that accommodate our growing community;
  • areas dedicated to student pick up and drop off;
  • expanded options and instructional space for music, the visual arts, and the performing arts.

In the midst of these changes, we are pleased to confirm that some important aspects of the NYOS model have been preserved:


  • The median class size will remain at 18 students.
  • The elementary school looping model will continue.
  • The built in professional development time remains part of the schedule.
  • The year-round school calendar will continue to be in effect.

Who’s involved?


There are many people working to realize this plan.  The School Board approved the original concept and goals. The Property Development Committee (PDC) of the School Board advises and supports School leadership, and facilitates and promotes the work. The entire school Administrative Team has been involved in aspects of the planning and design work.


However, a project of this scope requires many external partners, and after careful vetting, partners were selected based on their previous experience with similar projects, cost effectiveness, and respect for NYOS and our work.  Our selected partners have been very supportive of NYOS and have worked to ensure any new facility preserves and promotes the spirit and culture of NYOS.


  • Project Management Services, Inc. (PMSI), works to secure the best possible facility to meet our needs within a proscribed budget.
  • Harwood K. Smith, Inc. (HKS Architects), incorporates interior and exterior design elements that facilitate our instructional model and help us do what we do best.
  • Our engineering contractor, Kimley Horn (KS), studies and tests our building site and works with the City of Austin to secure necessary approvals and permits.


How do we pay for this?


The NYOS School Board and administration are focused on keeping the costs for the project reasonable while being equally focused on the quality of the new campus and preserving what is important about NYOS. The administrative staff has worked countless hours raising funds, exploring grant and funding opportunities, and consulting with our planning partners so the new campus publicly demonstrates that NYOS truly is not ordinary.


Our financial partners, Masterson Advisors and Frost Bank, are working with us to secure the best possible financing option.  Masterson Advisors has helped us to model financial projections to share with potential financing partners. Frost Bank has extended a line‑of‑credit to help us with pre-construction expenses.


All our partners have been instrumental in helping us to realize our campus.  Three organizations, however, have been key in not just helping us build our campus, but in helping us do this expansion right!


  • the Charter School Growth Fund provided the money necessary to initiate and fund the planning phase of the project;
  • Bellwether Education Partners, working with the Walton Family Foundation and the Texas Charter Schools Association, sponsored a Strategic Growth Institute which provided services and opportunities to help NYOS strategically plan the expansion to meet our goals within the community’s parameters, and to better understand our fundraising needs; and
  • a local foundation source will match funds raised by the NYOS community on a 4 to 1 basis, providing up to $2.1M to fund those aspects of the plan not typically covered by construction costs, like the advanced hiring of staff or the acquiring the instructional technology to meet the needs of new students. These generous funds are critical as they will help preserve the NYOS way. So, if your family is able, please support NYOS’ fundraising efforts. For every $1 raised, NYOS receives an additional $4 from these matching funds.


Where are we?  What’s next?


As we approach the construction phase of the project, there is still much work to be done.  However, much has been accomplished as well.


  • After many hours of work and meetings, the design and planning phases of the facility are nearly complete. The engineering work on the site continues, and the permitting work with the city continues on schedule. 
  • Our line‑of‑credit with Frost Bank is active, and we have several providers working on offers of long‑term financing. We are working on providing the necessary documents and statements, and expect to secure financing in the first quarter of the year.
  • The construction documents are nearly finalized and construction bidding begins in the first quarter of the year. Ground‑breaking is expected in the second quarter, and the new facilities should be ready for the 2021-22 school year.
  • A group of new teachers are being hired for the upcoming school year. They will intern with current teachers to learn how NYOS operates. Thus, they will be better prepared to fill the need for new teachers when the first group of additional students arrive, in 2021-22.
  • In the belief that NYOS should be a good neighbor and good citizen of the community, we are working with the local neighborhood associations and the property owners’ association to ensure the expanded NYOS’ campus is consistent with community expectations and serves as a resource for the local neighborhoods.
  • We continue to work on the funding for the remainder of the master plan—the gym and the more extensive renovations to the existing buildings.




Table showing timeline of NYOS Charter School's growth towards the new campus and after the new campus is built


NYOS School Board’s Property Development Committee:


  • Matt Embry, Parent Member & Committee Chair     
  • Chris Juraska, Teacher Member
  • David Molina, Community Member & Board Chair
  • Kathleen Zimmermann, Executive Director


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