About Our New Campus

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Opened the summer of 2021, NYOS Charter School's expanded campus provides students with improved resources while also allowing us to open our doors to more new students than ever before. 
Renderings of new campus facility
Why the expansion?
The Board approved this major, strategic effort to meet certain goals:
  • NYOS believes in its mission to educate the whole child. An important aspect of this work promotes the mission via the instructional model. The expansion will give NYOS an opportunity to bring the instructional model to more students and further promote the mission in the larger charter school community.
  • We believe in the value and success of NYOS’ approach to education, and the NYOS model has proven to be an attractive option for area families. We currently serve over 1000 students and have a waitlist—many of those siblings of current students—that continues to grow. With a clear ethical imperative, the Board sought to provide more children with access to the benefits of a NYOS’ education, as well as serve many students on our waitlist.
  • The Kramer campus served NYOS well, but the elementary school had been disadvantaged being split between the campuses. The new campus allows us to unify all of NYOS at one location.
What was the plan?
The long range strategic plan for the campus expansion consists of:
  1. A new elementary school building,
  2. A new middle school building,
  3. Renovations of the current Lamar facilities,
  4. A practice/playing field,
  5. A gym
The design of the new campus integrates the existing Lamar buildings, with the additional buildings, the field, and the gym to form a unified NYOS campus.
The new buildings added 76,300 sq. ft. of new classroom and administrative space. 
What changed and what stayed the same?
Although the student population will nearly double, the increase in student population will not occur immediately. The plan calls for the staggered introduction of students in the lower grades, with the gradual increase in the upper grades as students matriculate through the system.
The expanded, unified campus also offers some features and benefits to all students and staff. Some of which include:
  • an expanded library;
  • a P.E./practice/sports field;
  • playgrounds, gardening areas and play spaces;
  • a gym;
  • traffic flow that minimally disrupts traffic on Yager Ln and N Lamar Blvd;
  • parking options on campus that accommodate our growing community;
  • areas dedicated to student pick up and drop off; and
  • expanded options and instructional space for music, the visual arts, and the performing arts.
In the midst of these changes, we are pleased to confirm that some important aspects of the NYOS model have been preserved:
  • The median class size will remain at 18 students,
  • The elementary school looping model will continue,
  • The built-in professional development time remains part of the schedule, and
  • The year-round school calendar will continue to be in effect.


Figure 5. Proposed New Instructional Buildings, SE View. Figure 6. Proposed New Instructional Buildings, NE View.
Figure 7. Proposed New Instructional Buildings, SW View. Figure 8. Proposed New Instructional Buildings, NW View.
The campus viewed from the SE, NE, SW, NW (L-R)