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Applications for the 2019-2020 lottery are due Wednesday, March 6th. Each year, applications are shuffled within a student data program, pulled at random for each opening at each grade level, and numbered in the order they are drawn. Each year your student's spot on the waiting list will change. For example, the first year you might be student number twenty-three and then the next year be student number four. Applications must be renewed every two years with updated information; we only hold applications on file for two years then discard them.
We also base our enrollment according to priority for the children of full-time NYOS staff members or the siblings of current NYOS students. For example, if a student has a brother or sister at either one of the NYOS campuses or if a student is the child of a staff member and would like to be admitted to NYOS, their application will receive priority over a new student application. If no siblings/staff children are currently on the waiting list then the next student in line within our waitlist will be notified. 
Are you interested in applying to NYOS Charter School? The first step is to submit a student application here:

You will be notified if your student application is either selected in our annual lottery or if your student application will be placed on a waitlist shortly following our lottery. If you receive an offer to NYOS Charter School and would like to schedule a shadowing opportunity, please note that this can be scheduled through mid-April, before standardized testing preparations begin.