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Vision & Hearing

State Mandated Vision and Hearing Screenings are preliminary screenings that, if failed, is not a diagnosis, but rather an indication that a more in-depth evaluation is needed.
This vision and hearing screening requires that all public and private schools in Texas submit vision and hearing screening data to the state by June 31st of each year (this is numerical data only; no names are shared) for all students in PK4, Kinder, 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th and all new-to-NYOS students.

Eye Exams are an in-depth evaluation of vision done by a board certified optometrist. This is performed yearly for those with a previously diagnosed vision impairment that requires glasses or is an initial evaluation for those who have failed a vision screening for the first time.
We are proud to partner with a local organization, the Half Helen Foundation, for our screenings. Half Helen is "committed to improving school-age children’s vision and hearing through an innovative delivery of care that begins with using photoscreening technology to identify potential problems, connect families to medical care, and ensure children have access to corrective wear."