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State law requires that schools must screen students for abnormal spinal curvature in accordance with the following schedule:
  • Girls will be screened two times, once at age 10 (or fall semester of grade 5) and again at age 12 (or fall semester of grade 7)
  • Boys will be screened one time at age 13 or 14 (or fall semester of grade 8)
Trained screeners will check your child for signs of spinal problems like scoliosis. Catching a spinal problem early can make the treatment much easier. Not treating spinal problems can lead to serious health problems. The screening is simple. Screeners will look at your child’s back while he or she stands and bends forward.
Important Recommendations for When NYOS Provides Spinal Screenings:
  • Students should bring shorts to school for the exam.
  • Girls should wear a thin t-shirt, a sports bra, OR a two-piece swimsuit top underneath their shirt on exam day.
  • If girls are wearing a sports bra or a two-piece swimsuit top underneath their shirt, it is recommended they remove their shirt for the screening.
  • Boys and girls are screened separately and one at a time.
Spinal screenings are not a medical exam. Your student still needs to see a doctor for checkups. If you do not wish to have your child screened for religious reasons, you must submit an exemption to NYOS.
For non–religious exemption affidavits, parent/guardian must submit a signed statement that the student will be screened by a pediatrician and then has 60 days to submit the spinal exam signed by the MD via mail, fax or bring to either campus for the onsite RN.