February 2021
Now that we are well into the third quarter of our 20-21 school year, it’s hard to believe that we are also just months away from the completion of NYOS Charter School’s new campus construction. Located next door to our Lamar Campus, the construction will provide a new building for Elementary, a new building for middle school, a gym, and a practice field. We are also beginning to plan updates to our Lamar Campus which will be used for high school.
Since 2007, PK-3 has been located at our Kramer Campus, about 5 minutes away from Lamar. We are grateful for the long-time partnership of the Grant A.M.E. Church, which has generously allowed us to use their gym and cafeteria space while we have been at Kramer. In 2013, we even temporarily moved Middle School grades to the Kramer campus after a hailstorm and roof leaks at our Lamar Campus.
While Kramer has been a wonderful, longtime home for our younger Elementary grades throughout the past 13 years, we are looking forward to finally having all grades at the same location, which will allow us to become even more unified.
It has been quite a bright spot to see the progress of our new campus construction during such an unprecedented school year. Despite immense difficulties that the pandemic has brought us, each day we brightened to see updates on the construction. As of February, construction of the exterior walls, flooring, and interior walls is now complete at the new campus.
Initial planning of our new campus began in 2017 and it is amazing to see those plans come to fruition. We are looking forward to this summer, when NYOS will receive the keys to our new campus. Picturing our new campus complete with desks, bookshelves, flexible seating, and most importantly, staff and students, brings a true excitement to this progress. Besides providing our NYOS Jags with improved campus resources, we will be able to open our doors to more Austin area families than ever before, extending our mission to generations of future students.