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NYOS Charter School's protocol for head lice can be found in the following resource and below.
The following guidelines were developed utilizing data and references from the Texas Department of State Health Services, National Association of School Nurses, American Academy of Pediatrics, and the Center for Disease Control.

NYOS Charter School will educate parents and employees regarding head lice so that all individuals can come together to promote student health and reduce missed instruction time:
  • Parent education regarding head lice is available on our website.
  • Employee education regarding lice will be required for all campus teachers and can be assessed at NYOS Charter School’s website.
  • Parents will receive information on cost effective treatment as necessary as well as information on prevention.
  • Students will be instructed on preventative measures such as not sharing hats, clothes, or hair ties by a teacher, health assistant, or nurse.
Lice are not a public health threat, they do not carry disease. They cannot jump or fly. Studies show that lice do not crawl off a warm head to a non-human object. They can be dislodged from hair onto surfaces from friction such as clothing being pulled over the head, pillows rubbing against the head, combs, hair dryers, and two heads in contact with each other. Lice cannot live without a human host/blood for more than 48 hours. Nits must have the warmth of the host head in order to hatch.
Screening Procedures:

Screening procedures are in place to identify head lice so parents can be contacted to provide treatment. The campus nurse or a health assistant will screen a child for head lice when they complain of their head itching/crawling, which lice/nits or rashes are present and visible on the head or neck, or if the parent/guardian requests that the student or family be checked for head lice.

If the student has been identified as positive for head lice, the student’s entire class will NOT be screened. DSHS recommends staying away from unwarranted mass screenings that disrupt student/teacher class time and take away from the nurses’ ability to address the needs of children who are sick and those with special healthcare considerations. If a student is found with live lice during an exam, a campus nurse will contact the student's parent/guardian to request to have the student picked up from school for prompt treatment. 
If you have questions or concerns regarding the above protocols and procedures, please contact NYOS Charter School’s campus nurses.