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Bullying and the Texas Law

NYOS Charter School is committed to maintaining a safe and productive learning environment and to eliminating harassment from the school environment. To that end, NYOS supports and adheres to state and federal law that prohibits harassment of students based on the student’s race, color, or national origin; sex, gender, or gender identity; sexual orientation; religion; or disability, or relationship or association with an individual with a disability; academic ability, artistic ability, athletic ability or the school district that the child would otherwise attend under state law; or any other basis protected by law in the educational program or activity which it operates. NYOS also prohibits retaliation against persons who report harassment for themselves or others or who participate in related proceedings. Examples of retaliation include threats, unjustified punishments, or unwarranted grade reductions. Unlawful retaliation does not include petty slights or annoyances, such as negative comments that may be warranted based on student class performance.
If you become aware of an incident of bullying or harassment, please notify a teacher, administrator or counselor. If you are a victim of bullying, harassment or intimidation, please see your campus counselor or administrator.
To learn more about David's Law that passed to help identify and prevent bullying at school, please see the attached resources.