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Welcome to the NYOS Alumni web page! We hope this page will foster connections and strengthen the NYOS Alumni Community. We will fill the page with alumni news and updates and even current NYOS events. As you use this website now and in the future, you’ll realize that although NYOS has changed in many ways (most notably new facilities, more students and more teachers), it is still the way you remember it. It is a dynamic community, full of friendly students, unique learning opportunities and innovative teaching methods.

As we develop this alumni section of our school website, we ask for your support. Please contribute by submitting class notes, news and even current photos to You will want to return to the site often and encourage other alumni to do the same.

We’d also like to know the whereabouts of our current alumni. Please take a minute to share your contact information with us. The information will not be shared, but used only for the purpose of staying connected and knowing where our alumni have landed. We are proud of all our NYOS Alumni and we would love to hear more from every one of you. Please go to Tell Us Your Story and catch us up!