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'Everything depends on the quality of the experience which is had.'
~John Dewey

Across the curriculum, rigor, relevance and relationships, provide students with learning experiences that allow choice, support risk taking, and yield an environment that is engaging, supportive and exciting. Students are encouraged to build relationships and to give back to the community through service learning projects. Parents, teachers, administrators and peers encourage and support students in reaching high levels of achievement. The culmination of these experiences is the creation of life long learners.

At NYOS, curriculum is designed with brain-compatible elements to provide for optimal learning. Curriculum is age appropriate and meaningful. It is delivered in a way that helps students make sense and seek patterns in the world around them using their many senses on study trips that support the work of the curriculum. Teachers use the multiple intelligences developed by Howard Gardner to direct their teaching and plan for individualized instruction. Students are taught to work together in an enriched learning environment that is clean and clutter free.