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Welcome to the NYOS Nurses' Corner!

Lucie Gonzalez  – School Nurse for PreK-5th
Phone: 512-583-6967
Fax: 512-583-6973

Dell Knop – School Nurse for 6th-12th
Phone: 512-583-6967
Fax: 512-583-6973
About Nurse Lucie Gonzalez, CPN:
Photo of Lucie Gonzalez
Lucie graduated with a Bachelor of Nursing at Stephen F. Austin University in 2010 and is a Certified Pediatric Nurse. She has been working in nursing for 11 years. Prior to her role at NYOS Charter School, Lucie worked as a Registered Nurse at the Dell Children's Medical Center, specifically at their Epilepsy Neuroscience Department, and is a Certified Neuroscience Nurse. Lucie's specialty is pediatrics and she loves working with children! 
She shares, "What I love about being a school nurse is seeing the same children everyday and creating lasting relationships with them. I love teaching children about their bodies and how to take care of themselves all life long." Lucie is a native Austinite. She enjoys gardening, reading, baking, cooking, and hiking with her husband and four kids.
About Nurse Dell Knop, RN:
Photo of Dell
Dell has worked as a Registered Nurse in many different areas, starting in a hospital in Women's Health for 15 years. She then switched to working with patients of all ages, along with their families and caregivers with disabling injuries or chronic illnesses, in hospital, rehab, and home health settings. Following this area of nursing, Dell worked as a campus nurse with adults and children who had physical and/or mental disabilities. Before coming to NYOS, most recently, Dell worked as an Infection Control Nurse. 
Dell has two sons who went to NYOS and graduated from here! Dell shares, "When I started my job here as the school nurse, I felt like I was back home. I loved NYOS as a parent with my children attending this school, and now as the school nurse." Outside of her time working at NYOS, Dell loves riding her bicycle, and spending time with family, friends, her 2 dogs, and her cat.