NYOS Charter School

PTA Box Tops Drive Results

Thank you to our entire NYOS community for participating in the PTA's Box Tops Drive!
This year, a record breaking number of 5,739 box tops were collected. Ms. O'Gwin's class was determined as the overall winner, collecting a total of 901 box tops, and additional class winners were determined to be the following:
  • PreK: Ms. Brown
  • Kinder: Ms. Erhart
  • 1st: Ms. Wrinkle
  • 2nd: Ms. O’Gwin (Kramer Campus winner)
  • 3rd: Ms. Estes
  • 4th: Ms. Obenshain
  • 5th: Ms. McCradic
  • 6th: Ms. Lovas (Lamar Campus winner)