NYOS Charter School

Foreign Exchange Student - Host Family Opportunity!

Two NYOS families have the opportunity to each host a foreign exchange student this semester! You do NOT have to have high school kids of your own- all types of families are accepted!
Host Family Responsibilities:
  • Providing a safe, supportive home environment for the student.
  • Providing a room and a bed (room can be shared with a host sibling).
  • Providing adequate storage, three meals per day, and transportation.
  • Providing opportunities for the student to explore cultural opportunities.
Foreign Exchange Student Responsibilities:
  • Bring their own spending money & insurance.
  • Have English speaking skills.
All foreign exchange students are highly screened for program suitability and local coordinators will meet with foreign exchange students each month to provide ongoing support to host families during the duration of the students' program.
If you are interested in receiving more info, please contact Academic Advisor Bethany Watts at bwatts@nyos.org.