IBM Awarded the NYOS Film Production Program with a Generous Grant

This grant was awarded in recognition of the volunteer service of a team of NYOS Parents who work at IBM.  The team led by Ram (P. G) Ramachandran, also included Marcus Boone and Mike Mallo  ( ).   IBM’s Community Service grants are based on requests from employees or retirees who have a record of active and ongoing involvement with not-for-profit organizations and schools.

The funds will be used to purchase audio visual equipment that is essential to building the film production curriculum at NYOS.  During the last several years, the technology staff has worked to build a film production program that provides hands on experience.   Paul Jomini, the media technology teacher, is excited to be able to purchase state of the art audio equipment which will allow students to capture high quality indoor and outdoor recordings; and to purchase professional quality camera equipment which will allow students to produce digital and cinema frame movies.

We are grateful for the support and continued interest that IBM has provided NYOS. With IBM’s support, our students will be able to further enhance their academic and professional skills through access to interactive technology.