Safety and Security Meeting


Safety and Security Meeting

Thursday May 11, 2023, 4:15pm

NYOS Charter School, Building D, 820 W Yager Ln, Austin TX 78753




Regular Session

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  2. Discuss agenda for Wednesday May 11, 2023 
  3. Review minutes from meeting on February 2, 2023
  4. Discuss the latest Safe and Supportive Schools Program team activities
  5. Safety measures planned for Summer 2023
  6. Review legal advisories regarding safety and security
  7. Discuss pending legislation related to safety and security
  8. Executive Session: The School Board will meet in executive session in accordance with Texas Governance Code Section 551.076. This chapter does not require a governmental body to conduct an open meeting to deliberate:
  • (1)  the deployment, or specific occasions for implementation, of security personnel or devices; or
  • (2)  a security audit.
  1. Discuss and vote on Multi-Hazard Emergency Plan (MEOP) in open session
  2. Review date(s) and agenda items for next S&S Meeting
    1. Thu., 8/24 at 4:15pm or Thu., 8/31 at 4:15pm

Posted before  4:15 PM, May 8, 2023

/s/Kathleen Zimmermann, Chair