Legislative and Policy Updates for Texas Charter Schools

Please see the below important legislative and policy updates for the Texas charter school community from the Texas Public Charter Schools Association.

  • The State House and Senate started their new Session on Tuesday. With lots of new faces around the Capitol, we’ve got a lot of work in store to share the charter school story. Including a series of weekly emails that started yesterday to introduce facts about charter schools and our legislative priorities. 

  • Here’s a one-pager about our proactive legislative priorities: 2023 TPCSA Legislative Priorities

  • You can read about each individual issue here: 

  • I am super excited about the line up of sponsors that we have for our top priority bills this Session. 

    • Rep. Stephanie Klick is sponsoring the bill to end municipal discrimination in the House. Senator Bryan Hughes is the Senate sponsor. 

    • Rep. Craig Goldman is sponsoring the bill to raise the SBOE’s required threshold to veto new charter school applications. He’s also sponsoring the bill to give existing charter schools more lead time to ask for new campuses. 

    • Rep. Harold Dutton is sponsoring the request to increase facilities funding for charter schools. 

  • One of the best ways we can position our bills for success is by having really strong sponsors. I think we did that in spades with this dream team. Here’s just one illustration: Rep. Craig Goldman was elected by his colleagues earlier this week to serve as the chair of the Republican Caucus. That’s a great indication to us that he has the respect of his colleagues; that will certainly come in handy as he's making the case for these policy changes.   

  • While I wish all we had to do during the Session was make progress on the policies we favor, make no mistake, we’ll be on defense plenty, too. It doesn't always feel like it at the moment, but stopping bad policy can sometimes be an even bigger win than advancing something we want.

  • If you’re looking for Session-related information, we’ve collected a bunch of it on our website. Just look for the “88th Legislative Session” tab at the top of the page: https://txcharterschools.org/. 

  • Here’s another one-pager for you to check out. We analyzed all the academic outcomes data for charter and ISD students from last school year and have called out some of our favorites. These are all incredible, but I am over the moon about number 6: Six Ways Public Charter Schools Help Texas Students Succeed

Here’s a great story from the opening day of the Session. Brand new State Rep. Josey Garcia (D-San Antonio) hosted families from Harmony Public Schools at her swearing in celebration and told them: "This is YOUR office. You belong here." Rep. Garcia was strongly supported by our sister organization, Charter Schools Now, and we're excited to work with her as she finds her footing at the Capitol. See photo for the happy crew! 

We’ve got a lot of winning to do in the next 135 days & your team is ready!


Starlee Coleman
Texas Public Charter Schools Association
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