22-23 Secondary Fundamentals Packet

In preparation for the new school year, Secondary students and families are encouraged to read this 22-23 Secondary Fundamentals Packet.
Information in the packet includes, but is not limited to, detailed info related to the following topics:
School Supplies
  • Supply lists for 6th-12th graders can be found here. Please keep in mind that specific classes, particularly electives and high school classes, sometimes have their own individual supply list which is shared with students at the start of the year.
Attendance For Beginning of the School Year
  • Students must be present at NYOS by Monday, August 1, 2022 to ensure that they are not dropped permanently from our school's enrollment. If you have any questions please contact PEIMS Coordinator Ms. Stapleton at [email protected]
Driving to Campus for High School Students
  • Please go here for our student driving application and expectations. Driving applications and money for parking permits will be accepted at Secondary Meet the Teacher Night.