AP Exam Registration & Payment

As a reminder, NYOS requires all participating students to register and pay for AP exams by Monday, November 15, 2021.
To view and register for exams, students will need to log-on to their AP College Board account. For each exam the student wishes to take, they will need to select "Register for Exam," and follow the prompts to sign up.
Payment must be made hereStudents who qualify for free and reduced lunch, will select the free and reduced lunch payment option. Though you need to pay for each exam, you only need to make one payment. So for a student taking 2 Regular AP exams, they would need to pay $192 ($96 + $96 = $192).
Financial Assistance:
If you need financial assistance, you may qualify for the free & reduced breakfast and lunch program, which significantly lowers the cost of AP exams!
Even if you think you may not qualify, we recommend that all NYOS families complete the English or Spanish form found here and email the finished form to Operations at jwatkins@nyos.org.
Families can submit this application anytime throughout the year, particularly if a parent/guardian becomes unemployed or if a families’ household income drops below the income limit. If the submitted form is approved by Operations, you can select the free & reduced AP exam cost.
For questions, please contact your student's AP teacher or contact our AP Coordinator, Ms. Reyes, at nreyes@nyos.org.
Sponsor an AP Student:
AP exam fees can quickly add up and become very costly for students and families. Thanks to the generosity of NYOS families, last year we were able to provide scholarships for a select number of students in need of additional financial assistance!
If you would like to sponsor a NYOS student in need of financial assistance for AP exams, please go here to make a donationYour donation will be directly used for AP scholarships for the 21-22 school year.