Welcome to our New Nurses' Corner!

Our campus nurses would like to introduce families to a brand new section of our website: the Nurses' Corner! Please go here to visit our Nurses' Corner and access all of our nurse-related resources. Resources include:
Medication Authorization Form:
  • If your child needs medication at school for the 21-22 school year, you must fill out a medication authorization form. There are two different versions of the form:
  • Medication form that will be given for 14 days or less
  • Medication form for the whole school year
  • Please print the appropriate form and turn it in to your campus nurse with the medication in the original bottle on your student's first day of school. Please note: if medication needs to be given for the whole year, that form requires your pediatrician's signature. Please have this done during summer break.
Action Plans:
  • If your child has allergies that require emergency medication, asthma, or seizures, please have a primary care physician or specialist fill out and sign an action plan and turn in the appropriate form to a campus nurse the week before school starts. Action plans help campus nurses know how to best support your child during the school year and how to contact you if needed.
Nurse Passes:
  • Once the 21-22 school year has started, when your child comes home from school each day, please check their backpack. They may have a nurse pass to let you know if and when they were seen by a campus nurse. Please be rest assured, if it is a serious matter, you will get a call from a campus nurse beforehand.
Head Injuries:
  • For any head injuries, you will receive a call from a campus nurse detailing the evaluation that was done, and this form will be sent home with your student.