New Research Report Finds English Learners at Texas Charter Schools Are More Likely to Succeed!

TPCSA has released a new research report that finds that Texas public charter schools not only enroll more English learners than traditional school districts, but also help them achieve at a higher level.   
Families can read the report in full here and a one-page summary of the report can be found here. Top findings include: 
  • Texas charter schools enroll 33% more English learners than ISDs 
  • English learners at charters are also about 33% more likely to meet state reading standards, compared to their ISD peers 
  • Charter schools are helping English learners translate their language fluency gains into better academic outcomes at twice the rate of ISDs, and in more subject areas.  
  • More English learners at charter schools are on grade level in every tested subject: science, math, ELA, social studies, and writing. 
  • English learners at charters are nearly twice as likely to enroll in college 
NYOS is proud to continue providing all of our students, including our English language learners, with a rigorous academic curriculum!