NYOS Athletics Fall & Winter Sports: Recognizing our NYOS Jags!

Just like so many other things this school year, the beginning of the 20-21 school year provided new and unique challenges for NYOS Athletics.
Despite this, NYOS Charter School Athletics arose to the challenge and our NYOS Jags have showed their athletic talents during volleyball, football, and basketball seasons!
Middle School & High School Volleyball:
Our middle school volleyball team finished 2nd in the district! They were also named the TCSAAL Austin Sub Regional Champions and they were 1st Runner Up at Central Texas Regionals.
Our high school volleyball team also finished 2nd in the district! Additionally they made it to the TCSAAL Austin Sub Regional Playoffs.
Middle School & High School Football:
Both our middle school and high school football teams showed continuous hard work and determination throughout their football seasons. Our middle school football team was also named 1st Runner Up in their end of season bowl game!
Middle School & High School Boys & Girls Basketball:
Our basketball teams have only played a handful of games so far this season due to Austin's shift to Stage 5 for COVID-19 safety and health guidelines.
We are currently waiting to find out if and when our basketball teams will be able to continue competing. Even though our season has looked a lot different this school year, our basketball players have showed up every day and put in continuous hard word without complaint.
We are so proud of our NYOS Jags as they continue to give full effort in both practice and games despite challenges this school year!