8th-12th Final Exam Schedule

Final exams for 8th-12th graders are just around the corner! Each period will have a designated day for the final exam. This is to ensure no student has 3 to 4 finals or major due dates in one day. 
  • No changes to the daily schedule will need to take place because of the built in times after each period (ex: 1st period final 8:15 to 9:50 AM on December 15)
  • All classes will still meet December 16 and 17, even if the designated final exam day has passed
If your student is participating in at-home learning, please note that their finals will also be taken at home. Teachers will provide specific details with their students regarding how each final will be taken or submitted.
Please see the violet colored row both below and here for the date of each final. Please see the time window table both below and here for times allotted for each final.
Violet Exam Schedule
Final Time Window Schedule