NYOS TAFE Students Bring in Top Scores at Regionals!

Last month, NYOS Charter School's TAFE students competed at Regionals, and as usual, they did an amazing job!
NYOS student Samantha V. is TAFE's 20-21 Region President and she successfully coordinated a virtual competition that included 19 schools, over 250 competitors, and over 60 judges.
The following NYOS students qualified for State Competition. Awesome job, TAFE students:
  • Chapter Yearbook: Alorah B & Mary B
  • Children’s Literature: Liberty T, Top Score
  • Creative Lecture: Seth H
  • Differentiated instruction: AnAstaja H, Top Score
  • Educational Leadership Fundamentals Assessment: Alorah B, Jade M, Liberty T, & Samantha V, Top Score
  • Educators Rising Moment: Samantha V, Top Score- Varsity
  • Educators Rising Moment: Arianna P, Top Score- JV
  • Ethical Dilemma: Alisha S & Jasmin T
  • Exploring Non-Core Careers in Education: Veda T, Top Score
  • Impromptu Speaking: Liberty T, Top Score
  • Inside Our School - Highlighting the Looping System: Emily A & Madelyn G, Top Score
  • Interactive Bulletin Board: Samantha V, Top Score & Blue Ribbon
  • Lesson Plan & Delivery: Arianna P, Top Score
  • Lesson Plan & Delivery: Michelle L
  • Project Visualize- Educational Awareness: Seth H, Top Score & Blue Ribbon
  • Public Speaking: Alisha S, Top Score
  • Researching Learning Challenges: Jasmin T & Samantha V, Top Score