AP College Board Update

AP Testing begins Monday May 11, 2020.  Due to At-Home Exams, testing is required to start at a specific time. Please ensure that your student knows the start times for all AP testing by referencing the AP Exam Schedule Please look at Central Time for the Austin area. 
Students need to log in 30 minutes earlier than the stated start times on the AP Exam Schedule to complete security procedures.  If students are not 30 minutes early their testing may be affected as tests will begin at the scheduled time, regardless of whether or not students are ready.
Prior to testing, please watch the instructional video AP 2020 Exams: Exam Walkthrough with your student.  In addition, pease make sure your student is able to access and knows how to navigate the AP testing platform.  The prior link provides students a demo version released by AP College Board.  It is important that students are able to access and have familiarity with this system prior to testing, so that any issues can be resolved without affecting students on their scheduled exam date.  AP teachers will also be assisting students to get ready for testing by reviewing the  AP Testing Guide and  AP Exam Day Checklist with students.  Please make sure students have their completed AP Exam Day Checklist for each of their AP exams, as it offers clear steps that need to be completed before, during and after each exam. 
The testing windows are set and cannot be changed.  In the event of significant difficulties on the date of testing, such as major technical issues or interruptions, students will have 48 hours to submit a digital request for make-up testing in June.  In order to avoid this, please help ensure that your student has completed all necessary steps to be ready for their AP exam.  Minimizing internet activity, such as streaming services, by other family members will also help reduce issues that may occur during testing.  For minor issues during testing, students' eTickets will allow them to login again and continue taking their exam.  If you have any questions please refer to the NYOS AP At-Home Exam Q&A, contact your AP teacher, or email Paul Jomini at pjomini@nyos.org.
On behalf of everyone at NYOS, we wish our students all the best as they demonstrate the knowledge they have learned throughout the year.