Counseling Support & Social Emotional Learning Opportunities for NYOS Students

NYOS Charter School doesn't just care about the safety and educational well-being of our students, but we also care deeply about our students' emotional and mental well-being too!
Does your student need additional mental health support during this time? Found at the bottom of each Elementary At-Home Learning Plan, you will find a variety of Counseling Resources, including guided meditations, journaling opportunities, and parent resources that have been made available by Ms. Werner.
Our Elementary Counselor, Allison Werner, can be reached at
Found at our Secondary Counselor Corner, you will find an option for students to make counselor appointments, a daily check-in survey, social-emotional learning resources, college, career, & military resources, an opportunity for students to sign-up for a weekly group virtual check-in with the Girls Empowerment Network, and a variety of additional mental health resources.
Our Secondary Counselor, Emily Nader, can be reached at and our Secondary Academic Advisor, Tannia Benefield, can be