AP College Board Exam Update

College Board and NYOS both want students to have the opportunity to earn the college credit they have been pursuing amidst the COVID-19 crisis, while maintaining student safety. As a result, AP College Board will be providing on-line-at-home testing for AP exams this year. 
All students should review the general information about taking these exams, which can be found on the AP website Taking the Exams. The exams will only cover content from part of the year to ensure students are tested on familiar subject matter. 
Information on course specific exam formats and content will be communicated both online here, and by NYOS AP teachers. AP Exams will still take place on set dates and times, and the specifics are located on the AP Exam Schedule here.  
AP College Board has ensured students with approved accommodations will continue to receive those on these at home exams. Further, any student in need of technology will be provided the necessary resources either through NYOS, by contacting your AP teacher or through College Board via cb.org/tech
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to either your AP teacher or Paul Jomini at pjomini@nyos.org.  
AP Exam Schedule for 2019-2020 School Year