NYOS Charter School Incident Update

NYOS Charter School
Incident Update
September 17, 2019

We can share more news regarding the alleged threat to Lamar campus safety.
  • Campus administrators are maintaining close communication with students and they are meeting this afternoon with high schoolers who missed the Monday student assemblies due to a field trip.
  • We confirmed that the Austin Police Department did visit the NYOS Lamar campus on Monday and again today. Officers will be in the area near the Lamar campus for the rest of the week as a precaution.
  • NYOS is required to record all student absences. If a student missed school for reasons related to this incident, parents can send a note of explanation to Ms. Stapleton mstapleton@nyos.org. If a review is necessary, the attendance committee will take those notes into consideration.
  • Counselors are on hand and available to students at both the Lamar and Kramer campuses. Please reach out to Ms. Nader enader@nyos.org Ms. Werner awerner@nyos.org or Ms. Benefield tbenefield@nyos.org for support.
  • Administrators continue frequent walk throughs of the Lamar campus to check in with students and monitor for any suspicious activity.
  • Administrators are determining disciplinary consequences for the student who falsely alleged a threat to the campus. While we cannot share specific student information, we want to assure the community that NYOS administrators follow the NYOS Student Code of Conduct in all discipline matters. The Code outlines serious consequences for threats to public schools.
Information related to specific students is protected by a federal law with the acronym FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act). The law protects the privacy of personally identifiable information for NYOS students. As such, NYOS administrators may not be able to answer specific questions if doing so violates a student’s FERPA protections. We know that can be frustrating for community members who are seeking information and ask for patience as we consider responses.
Kathleen Zimmermann
Executive Director
NYOS Charter School