Lamar Campus Safety Update

Dear NYOS Community, 
On Friday, September 13th at approximately 8:30 p.m., administration received a report about a campus safety concern. A screenshot was shared with administration, and students in this group chat were communicating that a high school NYOS student threatened staff and students with a gun. In this same group message, a student warned his peers not to come to school on Monday.  
After administration reviewed the message, the student’s parents were immediately contacted to address the concern and the severity of the situation. Campus administrators also spent Saturday contacting other students as part of their investigation. Law enforcement was contacted and participated in the investigation as well. Based on the information collected, the threat is deemed not to be credible. It is safe for students to attend school on Monday.
Please know that the student involved will not be at school on Monday or Tuesday.  The Student Code of Conduct holds serious consequences for threats to the school. The Administration is taking action accordingly. Law enforcement is taking an active role as well. They will be on the Lamar campus throughout the day on Monday and through the week if needed.   
We hold the safety of our community as our most important priority. If you receive any additional information, please send that directly to the campus principal, William Jaramillo, at
Classes will be in session as usual on Monday.
Thank you,
J. Kathleen Zimmermann
Executive Director