Capital Metro Pickup App

NYOS is excited to share that a new, on-demand service is now being offered by Capital Metro, called Pickup!
NYOS 4th-12th graders are now zoned to take advantage of Capital Metro's new Pickup app, which provides individuals with safe, on-demand bus service directly from our Lamar Campus.
Recommended for those 11-years-old and up, students can even be picked up by a Capital Metro bus without adult supervision and can then be driven home. zoning map for Austin's Walnut Creek area can be found here.
Best of all, students can enter the promo code child2019 in the Pickup app to ride Capital Metro buses via Pickup for FREE! In order for this code to be applied, Capital Metro recommends that families create an individual account for their child rather than placing this promo code in a parent's account. We're thrilled to provide our school community with this new opportunity for families to take advantage of public transportation!