NYOS TAFE Students Place at Nationals!

In June, NYOS Charter School’s TAFE students represented our school during multiple opportunities!
Summer Workshops:
First, Secondary Teacher Ms. Pierce and NYOS student Sarah attended a leadership workshop at Texas A&M University and the Texas Association of Secondary School Principals (TASSP) Summer Workshop to meet with various staff, superintendents, commissioners, TAFE state officers, and a board of representatives with TEA.
Sarah, who was recently selected as TAFE President for the entire state of Texas, was a part of the closing general session for the TASSP Summer Workshop and was the only student speaker for entire event! Go here to watch Sarah’s speech.
National Competition:
Next, our TAFE students competed at Nationals, and as usual, our students did an incredible job at competition! For the first time in their five year history of participating at Nationals, our TAFE students brought home one 1st Place National Award, one 2nd Place National Award, one Top 5 award and one Top 10 Award.
NYOS student Sruti received 1st place in Public Speaking, discussing the topic, “How can school systems better understand and make progress on advancing educational equity for undeserved youth?” With her 1st place recognition, Sruti was then given the opportunity to be the only participant at nationals to speak to more than 2,500 attendees as the competition’s closing session! Go here to watch Sruti’s speech.
NYOS student Savanna received 2nd place in Creative Lecture – TED Talk, presenting on the prompt of how changes can be made to our education system that will ultimately increase parent confidence in school safety.
Additionally, NYOS student Zoe received 4th place in the category of Lesson Plan and Delivery CTE and NYOS student Laura received 7th place in the category of Lesson Plan and Delivery Arts, in which they both taught and reflected on classroom lessons.
As TAFE organizer Ms. Pierce shares, “We are excited about what our future holds for TAFE and its national affiliate Educators Rising! Cheers to another year of our students learning, growing, networking and just being great!” Amazing job, TAFE!