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School Safety Report

In keeping with our commitment to prioritize the safety and security of all NYOS community members, NYOS is providing the following form to allow for easy reporting of incidents and concerns regarding students or other members of our community. If you know of a student who is experiencing bullying, cyberbullying, or other crisis, please fill out the form so administrators can take steps to insure our students are provided the safest learning environment possible. Reports may remain anonymous and do not have to specifically involve bullying.

For more information and resources please see the following link:



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You may upload pictures, screenshots, or a short video of the incident here:
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You are not required to provide your personal information. Please note: our ability to follow up with questions may be helpful in resolving issues and may help to expedite interventions for those involved. If you choose to provide your contact information, it will be kept confidential by school administration to the best of our ability.

Please check "Yes" to confirm the following statement: I certify that all statements made in the complaint are true and complete. *
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