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NYOS’ longtime after school partner Kindercare has transitioned to Prodigy childcare. The center is located at 2300 Cedar Bend Drive, not far from either NYOS campus. The center director is Michelle Johnson. She can be reached for rate and schedule information at 866-933-2252.
NYOS has a new partner for after school care this year. Little Munchkins offers care for NYOS students after school Monday-Friday and all day during NYOS scheduled school year breaks. Summer break care is available but it should be worked out separately. The center is located at 2020 Denton Drive near the corner of Metric and Kramer. Rate and schedule information is available by calling 512-454-1877.
The Texas Workforce Commission offers subsidies for private childcare services through the Child Care Services program. From the TWC website…”Child care is a support service for parents who work, attend school, or participate in job training. Those eligible for child care assistance include children under the age of 13: whose parents are receiving or transitioning off public assistance; who are receiving or needing protective services; or whose families are low-income. For more information call the local Workforce Solutions office in Austin at 512.597.7191 or visit the website: http://www.wfscapitalarea.com/ and Click on Child Care Services.

There is no after school child care for students enrolled in our pre-k program.
Kindergarten - 3rd Grade
NYOS offers three programs for students in Kindergarten through 3rd grade. (Prodigy Child Development Center, ACE, Little Munchkins)
4th - 5th Grade
NYOS offers two programs for students in 4th and 5th grade.(Prodigy Child Development Center & Little Munchkins)
 For more information, please read the program descriptions below.

Homework Haven

Homework Haven provides students with a structured environment after school (3:50-5:00) in which they have an opportunity to complete their homework, classwork, projects, or make-up assignments.  Each week a grade report is produced and any student receiving below a 70 grade average for any course is assigned to Homework Haven for the following week (Monday-Thursday).  Students will be notified by their teachers and allowed to call home to notify their parent/guardian, if they are assigned. Students who do not attend Homework Haven are assigned to Saturday School.  Failure to attend Saturday School may result in administrative action.

Leading schools around the country have used a method similar to our Homework Haven to lower failure rates and to decrease the number of students repeating a course or grade level. Since NYOS has implemented this research-based approach, our data show that fewer students are receiving zeroes on assignments, projects and classwork.  More students are receiving tutorial support during this time and are performing better on classroom assessments and STAAR.

Prodigy Child Development Center

Prodigy is a NAEYC accredited Child Development Center that offers off-site after school care, including mid-day Friday pick-up. Prodigy will provide camps for year round school breaks which include field trips, special guest and fun-filled projects. Prodigy offers care to children 6 weeks to 12 years. Hours of Operation are 7am to 6:30 pm Monday-Friday. Contact Prodigy directly for more information. 

Contact Prodigy Child Development Center for more information at 512.835.2443

We regret that we cannot continue the YMCA program, due to a lack of suitable space on either campus. Unfortunately, we could not find space for NYOS students at other YMCA locations nearby. We continue to look for options with the YMCA. We will let you know if any alternatives develop.