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Elementary & Secondary Schedules

Please refer to the following schedule for school day start and end times for the 23-34 school year. Please note that start and end times can vary slightly by grade level.
Doors open for Elementary students beginning at 7:15 AM. To learn more about afterschool care options for students, please go here
Doors open for Secondary students beginning at 7:45 AM.
NYOS Bell Schedule 2022-23
  • For those who are not registered for after-school programs, NYOS is unable to provide childcare after school so please remember to pickup your student as soon as the school day ends.
Picking Up Your Student Early:
  • If you need to pickup your student early, it must be before 2:30 pm, Monday - Thursday and before 11:00 am on Friday.  If you arrive after 2:30 pm or after 11:00 am, respectively, you will need to wait in one of our regular dismissal lines in order to collect your student. This allows us to reduce front desk traffic at the end of the school day and ensures that we're able to focus on a safe and efficient dismissal.
  • If you are picking up your student early for an appointment, you can help NYOS by emailing the front desk ahead of time to let us know. Please email the front desk at [email protected] and include the full name of your student and the time we can expect you.  The student will not be called out of class until they have been signed out at the front desk.
  • Please plan/allow for a minimum of 15 minutes to pickup your student from our front desk. Many times we are calling students from other buildings. This means it can take some time to get your student with their belonging to the front office and we do not want you to be delayed.
Bell Schedule 23-24
bell schedule 23-24 late start