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New Campus FAQ & Timeline

Fall 2021 Updates:
Why is there only one driveway in and out?
Given the number of other driveways close by, the City of Austin only allowed one driveway onto the new site.

Why is there no cafeteria in the new buildings?
Students at NYOS are given voice and choice over many aspects of their schooling. We felt that could include seating for lunches. As such, we decided that providing several monitored spaces for students to choose from for lunch would be more consistent with our philosophy. 
What is the plan for the athletic field?
The contractors laid sod over the athletic field starting on August 13. The sod will take some time to settle. We expect to have full use of the field around the middle of September.
When will connecting ramps and canopies be complete?
We expect site work between the Middle School Building and the white top to be complete by September 8, 2021.
When will the gym be available?
The gym is ready and being used for PE and athletics games as of September 8, 2021.
When will the playground be installed?
The playground is scheduled for installation beginning the second week of September 2021. Installation may take up to 2 weeks and is being closely coordinated with the other construction.
When will the NYOS sign be installed? 
The NYOS sign is expected to be installed by the end of September.
What is the long-term plan for shade?
We are developing options to install shade sails to cover portions of the mulched play spaces between Building 1, Building 2 and the gym. Given the central location and the requirements to install shade sails, Fall Break would be the first opportunity to install something permanent in this area. 
When will the concrete work at the connector to the existing building and canopy be completed? 
It is substantially complete and available for use as of September 13, 2021. Final finishing work will continue at least through the end of September.
Is there a central timeline for completion of major projects?
See below for a timeline. The timeline is updated weekly. Please note that dates may change depending on contractor and supply availability as well as the City of Austin requirements. 




Playground installation



Gym completion



NYOS sign installation



Concrete work at connector to existing campus



Canopy at connector to existing campus



Existing campus building painting



Spring 2021 Updates:
Much work has been accomplished regarding the construction of our new campus:
  • After many hours of work and meetings, the design and planning phases of the facility are complete, the engineering work on the site continues, and the permitting work with the city has resulted in the green light to begin digging!
  • We have secured $25M of financing with the Equitable Facilities Fund, an organization committed to providing accessible funding for charter schools.
  • The construction documents were finalized; construction bidding completed, and a contractor has been secured.
  • Ground-breaking took place July 30, and heavy machinery is already pushing dirt around.
  • A group of new teachers were hired for the 20-21 school year. They will intern with current teachers to learn how NYOS operates. Thus, they will be better prepared to fill the need for new teachers when the first group of additional students arrive, in 21-22.
  • A recruiting and onboarding specialist has been hired to help fill the increased need for staff and make their transition and acculturation into NYOS as seamless as possible.
  • In the belief that NYOS should be a good neighbor and good citizen of the community, we are working with the local neighborhood associations and the property owners’ association to ensure the expanded NYOS’ campus is consistent with community expectations and serves as a resource for the local neighborhoods.
Timeline of new campus facility