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Monday 01/21:

No School


Tuesday 01/22:

Students need to have an original poem to start the writing process

Revision - Formatting

Homework: Complete Changes to Poem


Wednesday 1/23:

Revision - Word Choice

Homework: Complete Changes to Poem

Thursday 1/24:

Polishing and Creating Published Poem

Homework: Complete Published Poem


Friday 01/25 (A)

Sharing Poem

Poem Reflection

Homework: AoW 14 Due Friday
Monday 01/14  - Thursday 01/17: 
-Poetry "Shopping" 
-Analysis Poem 
-Create an Original Poem
Friday 01/18 (B):
Reviewing Annotations



Homework: AoW 13, Due Friday 1/11
Tuesday 01/08:
Connotation vs Denotation
Wednesday 01/09:
What is Poetry? 
Introduction to Poetic Vocabulary
Thursday 01/10:
Analyzing Poetry
Friday 01/11 (A):
Reviewing Annotations

Weekly Update 12/10 - 12/20

ELA Update:

  • All late and missing work must be turned in by Friday, 12/14 in order to impact 2nd Quarter's average.  Any work given from 12/6 till the end of the quarter will go on the 3rd Quarter cycle.

Monday - Wednesday, (12/10 - 12/12)

  • Work on Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes research project.  

Thursday (12/13)

  • Create Work Cited Slide 
  • Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes research project Due for Classes 1-3
  • Work Day - Classes 4 and 6

Friday (12/14)

  • Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes research project Due for Classes 4 and 6
  • *** All late and missing work due today by 12 pm.***

Monday - Wednesday 12/17 - 12/19:

  • Present Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes research project

Thursday 12/20:

  • Holiday party, half day

Homework: AoW 12 due Friday

Monday 12/3:

Gallery Walk of One-Pagers

Parts of Speech Notes

Tuesday 12/4 - Wednesday 12/5

Parts of Speech Task Cards

Thursday 12/6 

Introduction to Walk in Someone Else's Shoes Research Project

 Friday 12/7

Work on Research Project

Homework: AoW 11 due Friday

Monday 11/26 -Thursday 11/29:

Literary Analysis One-Pager Project over Literature Circle Book

Due Thursday at the end of class


Friday 11/30:

The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe Play 


  • If you have one on Mrs.Brown's Classroom Library Books, please return it as soon as possible. 
  • No Article of the Week (AoW) this week. 

Monday 11/12:

Review for Test

(Review Due at the start of Class Tuesday)

Tuesday 11/13:

Review Due

Literature Circle Test

Wednesday 11/14 and Thursday 11/15:

Introduction to Literary Analysis

Friday 11/16:

Inferencing Lesson


No Homework over Thanksgiving Break.

ELA Announcements:
  • This week students should be finishing their Literature Circle Books and complete all of their Literature Circle Packets. 
    • The Unit Exam will be on Nov. 13. 
  • There will be an ELA Benchmark on Nov. 9th 
    • It will not be graded on accuracy, but rather participation. Scores will not be shared since Mrs. Brown used this data strictly to help plan out what we will focus on in Q3 and Q4. 
  • If you have one on Mrs.Brown's Classroom Library Books, please return it before Thanksgiving Break. 
  • Progress Reports will be going out on Monday and need to be signed by a Parent or Guardian and returned to Mrs. Brown to verify that they know how their student is doing in ELA. 
  • Homework for Week of 11/05/18 -AoW 10
    • This is assigned on Monday and is Due Friday at 1 pm.

For the first part of Q2, we are participating in Literature Circles! This unit focuses on books that center around the main character being a refugee or immigrant. The whole unit is structured in small groups and we focus on going deep into the text to start analyzing fiction. 
Each child is in a group of students ranging in size from 3-5 students. Each day groups are working on different thing but each week every student will be participating in the following things: 
  • Elements of Literature Activity - each week this will have a different focus that will support the book that students are reading. 
  • Preparation for Literature Circle Meeting - this is a two-page activity that students are given class time to do. This is a major grade and must be completed before the group meets weekly. 
  • Literature Circle Discussion - once a week students will meet with their group and have a structured academic conversation about their books. this is done with a teacher and graded. 
Students received a Unit Calendar along with their group number in class in their workbook packet that we will use from now until Thanksgiving Break. This outlines the whole quarter and roughly what they will be working on each day. All students should have their book completed by 11/12/18 and a Unit Exam will be on 11/13/18.
Ample amounts of class time are given to reading and for completing activities. If students are not completing work in class it may be homework. However, most students can complete the reading and work in class. Since this unit is self-monitored, there will be weekly progress reports given to students. If students are not passing, they will be required to have a parent sign their progress report. 
The only homework that is assigned is the Article of the Week. It is still assigned to the Google Classroom on Mondays and is due Fridays by 1 pm. 

Weekly Update for 10/8 - 10/12:

Monday 10/8 :

No School

Tuesday 10/9

Background on Lit. Circle Book
HW: AoW 6 (Due Fri)

Wednesday 10/10

Review Expectations for Literature CIrcles

Create reading goals

HW: AoW 6 (Due Fri)

Thursday 10/11:

Reading Day

HW: AoW 6 (Due Fri)

Friday 10/12:

Reading Day

Weekly Update for 9/17 - 9/21:
***All grades from this week will be on 2nd Quarter Report cards, not first. ***
Monday 9/17:
Instagram Character Project
Q2 Literature Circle Book Presentation
Tuesday 09/18  
Instagram Character Project (Due at the end of class)
Wednesday 09/19:
Narrative Publishing Party
Go over Q2 Literature Circles
Clean up Binders
Thursday 09/20:
Questioning, Inferencing and Interpretation Activity
Friday 09/21:
Mix it up!
No backpacks

ELA Update 09/10- 09/14:
Homework for this week:
  • Any work on Personal Narrative not completed in class.
    • Writing assignments, like the Personal Narratives, are major grades and can majoring impacts grades positively and negatively. 
  • Any final corrections on AoW 1-5 must be turned in by Friday 9/14
Monday 09/10
Revision: Elaboration and Craft
Peer Review and Feedback of Personal Narratives
Tuesday 09/11
Revision: Focus on Endings 
Wednesday 09/12
Editing: Spelling, Punctuation, Sentence Structure. 
Thursday 09/13
Editing: Titles, Polishing, and Formatting
Personal Narratives due at end of class.
Friday 09/14, "A" Day:
Read SSR book

ELA Update 09/03 - 09/07:
Homework for this week:
  1. AoW 5 (paper copies available for those who would like it)
  2. Any work on Personal Narrative not completed in class. 
Monday 09/03
 No school
Tuesday 09/04:
Pick a Narrative
Flash Draft if needed
Start to Type up Drafts
Homework: AoW 5 (Due Friday)
Wednesday 09/05:
Review Rubric and Revision Checklist
Revision: Magnetic Starts
Homework: AoW 5 (Due Friday)
Thursday 09/06:
Revision: Transitions
Homework: AoW 5 (Due Friday)
Friday 09/07, "B" Day:
Sensory Details
Homework: Read SSR book


ELA Update 08/27 - 08/31:
  • Students should have a Student Selected Reader (SSR) Book and bring it to class daily. We will be using this book as a vital part of our daily lessons. 
  •  The article of the week (AoW) is assigned on Google Classroom and should be done digitally. 
Monday 08/27:

Moving from motifs to themes

Homework: AoW 4 (Due Friday)
Tuesday 08/28:
 Investigating Symbolism Relates to Theme
"What's The Theme" activity (Homework if not finished in class)
Homework: AoW 4 (Due Friday)
Wednesday 08/29:

Putting it all together: Read-Aloud: “Thank you, m’am” by Langston Hughes (Annotations and Reflection due at end of class)

Homework: AoW 4 (Due Friday)

Thursday 08/30:
Reading Reflection and Agency Centers
Homework: AoW 4 (Due Friday)
Friday 08/31, "A" Day:
Looking at Sensory Details in our writing. 
Homework: Reading SSR Book. 

Weekly Update 08/20 - 08/24:

  • Students should have a Student Selected Reader (SSR) Book and bring it to class daily. We will be using this book as a vital part of our daily lessons.

  • The article of the week (AoW) this week is to make corrections on Aow 1-3.
    • Students should review the rubric and read the feedback that was given on the assignments and make any adjustments.
    • A passing score for the AoWs is a 10+ out of 14.


Monday 8/20
How setting changes over time -physically and psychologically

Homework : Corrections to AoW 1-3

Tuesday 8/21

Characters acting as a group and their influence.
Read second half of “The Fight” by Adam Bagdasarian
Homework : Corrections to AoW 1-3


Wednesday 8/22
How setting changes over time and gives the reader backstory
Homework : Corrections to AoW 1-3

Thursday 8/23
Characters’ troubles become motifs in a story

Homework : Corrections to AoW 1-3


Friday 8/24 “B” Day

Narrative ideas and drafting