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Thank you for visiting my class website. Here you will find important information regarding your class assignments, readings, projects, assessments, and other relevant links to help you increase your knowledge and navigate your way through my courses.

We will be continuing our Education and Training sequence this school year with Instructional Practice in Education & Training (also known as Ready, Set, Teach).  This is truly an exciting opportunity!!

I am looking forward to both an amazing and rewarding year!




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Standards-Based Grading

Dear NYOS Families:

We wanted to communicate with you about an upcoming change in some of your students’ classes. In the 2018-2019 school year, a group of teacher-researchers are beginning to shift to a Standards-Based Grading System. You might be familiar with such a system, as the NYOS Elementary program employs this method throughout its grade levels. However, the secondary model might look slightly different. For one, the teachers are still required to report what might appear to be a traditional number grade in the gradebook. We encourage you to not think of this as a grade but rather a performance rating disclosing how your student is currently performing on a skill-based task. This rating will be updated frequently depending on the level of mastery demonstrated on summative assessments. This means that students are no longer graded for work completion (turning in work), behavior, or compliance (e.g. notebook checks). The grade or rating that you will see reflects their actual academic skills based on the content taught (as opposed to simple content recall). Teachers will be focusing on only 4-5 skills per quarter so that the learning is focused and thorough. Over the course of the year, skills will be added that build on previous learning. A majority of progress records will be qualitatively kept by the teachers (observations, student conferences, etc.). The teacher’s specific methods for rating and data collection will be specified in their respective syllabi.

Please know that the teachers are taking this opportunity because Standards-Based Grading is proven by research to be more equitable for all students, better reflects learning, and will prepare students for the independently driven work of the college and professional settings. Please feel free to ask questions as they may arise, and thank you for your support as we begin this journey to better serve your students.


The Standards-Based Grading Committee

Professional Dress-

What is professional Dress?


Dressy/Modest Shirt/Blouse with Sleeves (button-up, collared, polo, or shallow neckline is acceptable)

Dress or dressy skirt at the knee or longer

Dress slacks or khakis

Optional sweater or jacket

Closed toed shoes (not athletic or sandals)(maximum 3" heel)

NO backless, see-through, tight-fitting, spaghetti straps, midriffs, strapless, low-cut, etc. attire allowed


Collared shirt

Dress slacks or khakis

Optional necktie

Optional jacket

Dress shoes (not athletic or sandals)( dressy western boots & loafers allowed)


• Clean and neatly groomed (wrinkle-free/non-overly tight)

• Body piercings and tattoos covered at all times

• Conference name badge worn for competition & awards

• NO shorts are allowed

For presentation days in class. 

On competition day (TAFE), if you are neither competing nor working the events, you may wear your chapter or region conference t-shirts and nice jeans without holes.

On the night of the special activity (TAFE), you may wear your conference t-shirt or other TAFE shirt and nice jeans without holes.