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NYOS Biology Home Page

Welcome to the Official NYOS Biology Website -- glad you could make it!

This page will be frequently updated throughout the school year, and should become a routine reference point for your online studies, or for those of your student!

I'll leave this short & sweet for now, but you can expect, in the future, to find stored class documents, audio & video files to supplement our classwork, and links to approved & relevant outside websites that will augment your NYOS Biology experience!

** STUDENTS ** -- all class-related correspondence should be sent to me using nyoshuff@gmail.com

ALL CLASSES are now utilizing Edmodo, in addition to this site, for class-related electronic delight!  Please go check it out (all students were invited via email & provided a specific entry code -- if you're lacking this information, please contact me directly!):  

ALL FRESHMAN BIOLOGY CLASSES are now using Dynamic Biology, published by Sapling Learning.
All students have a personal username and password.
       Dynamic Biology has an electronic textbook, study sheets, Power Lessons, and question sets!

Log in here:  hs.saplinglearning.com