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Student Gmail Account Updates
NYOS Charter School recently changed our automation process for creating student accounts. During the automation process, we had to change the username of all student google accounts. Please note that this did not change any passwords, just usernames.  
Google account usernames have changed to this formula:
  • Graduation year + first initial + lastname
For example, James Madison-Guthrie, Graduating Class of 2019:
If you have any problems accessing the updated google accounts, please contract our IT Department at itdepartment@nyos.org.

Summer Reading Notes (if you can't access the questions)

Instructions and Expectations

Directions: Below you will find fifteen questions to guide your required outside reading notes. These fifteen questions serve as subtitles and should be typed verbatim before your answer.  Sketchy notes will not receive full credit. Plagiarized ideas will be submitted to administration.


Helpful Hints for Producing Notes:

  • Single space your answers; double space between answers.
  • Become familiar with the questions before beginning your reading. Review the questions as you read.
  • Analyze as you go; do not wait until you have finished the book to begin your response. It will be much easier if you use this process.
  • It is fine (but not required or necessary) to research criticism regarding the works read; however, do not do so in lieu of independent thinking and analysis. Furthermore, make sure the criticism you explore is from a valid source. If you use someone else’s ideas, cite them to avoid plagiarism.
  • This may take longer to complete than what it appears…don’t wait until the last minute.
  • See the next page for questions for the notes.

Your Name

Ms. Lisa Lamkin

Pre-AP English II World Literature

July 26, 2018

Type Your Own Original Title Here  

  1. Title of book:
  2. Author and publishing date:
  3. Relevant author biography:
  4. Author’s topic:
  5. Author’s intended audience:
  6. Author’s purpose:

The following items should be answered in complete sentences:

7. What is the writer’s central claim/argument? (What do you think the overall message/point of the book is? What is the writer arguing/saying?8. What are some examples of reasoning and evidence that the author presents in support of his/her claim/argument. Be thorough and specific. Provide at least eight textual references. Cite page numbers if possible. 9. Identify at least five writing techniques/moves or literary devices the writer uses to convey his/her message. Make sure to use direct text evidence with parenthetical citations.  You must identify at least two examples of each technique.

10. Identify the author’s tone. Provide text evidence and use parenthetical citation.

11. How does the author appeal to the reader’s emotions throughout the text? Identify multiple examples of pathos and the effect of these appeals on the reader.

12. How does the author establish/lose credibility as a speaker on his/her subject? Provide at least three examples using parenthetical citation. 

13. Does the author address any counter arguments (arguments against the writer’s claim)? If so, what are they?

14. What is the significance of the title?

15. Being specific, why or why wouldn’t you recommend this text to a friend?

Questions Regarding Summer Assignment, Supplies, and our World Lit Class

See the post below for (1) the summer assignment, (2) supply list, and (3) texts you will need for each quarter.
I am looking forward to a great year with you guys. You are my 27th group! I hope you've had a super summer..