NYOS Charter School


Course Overview: The ninth grade MAPS course will work on academic and personal goals, communication and adjusting to the high school setting. Students will increase awareness of their personal contributions to their learning, as well as their involvement in their school and community. There is an emphasis on communication and leadership skills, focusing on the development of skills necessary for future high school, college, and career success. Students will work in collaborative settings, learning how to participate in collegial discussions and use sources to support their ideas and opinions. Students will refine study skills and test taking, note-taking, and research techniques. They will take an active role in field trip and guest speaker preparations and presentations. This class was created to help 9th graders adjust to their increased workload at the onset of high school. In providing this help, MAPS classes aim to lower the anxiety and stress levels that can accompany the increase in rigor during the first year of high school.