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Department Contacts

Curt Marek, Director of Operations
Luis Zaragoza, Facilities Manager
Joseph Kalafsky, Food Services Manager
Health Services
Amy Loustaunau, Nurse
LaTasha Johnson, Nurse
Please send immunization records to [email protected].
Special Programs
Joann Brewer, Director of Special Education, [email protected]
Alysia Rieder, ARD Manager, [email protected] 
Samantha Gladwell, Emergent Bilingual/ESL Coordinator, [email protected]
Samantha Gladwell, McKinney-Vento/Homeless Student Liaison, [email protected]
Samantha Gladwell, State and Federal Programs Coordinator, [email protected]
Business Services
Matthew May, Interim Director of Business Services
Matthew May, Assistant Director of Human Resources, [email protected]
Nicole Pane, District Receptionist, [email protected]
Isela Valles, Registrar, [email protected] or  APPLY HERE
Blanca Martinez, Community Outreach and Tours, [email protected]
To submit a transcript request submit this FORM.
Please provide the student's full legal name, graduation year, and contact information for follow-up questions. Allow 5 business days for completion.
To submit student absence notifications or doctors notes please use the emails below:
Elementary Attendance, [email protected]
Secondary Attendance, [email protected]
Please provide student's full legal name, grade level, and date of absence. Allow 3 business days for staff to update your student's record.
Brian Silver, Director of Finance
Fidelia Coutino, Accounts Payable, [email protected]