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Due to the increase in secondary students at the Lamar campus we are experiencing a shortage in parking spaces at Lamar. We conducted an analysis of available parking spaces in the 2014-2015 school year. The NYOS Lamar campus has 109 parking spaces, excluding handicapped spaces.  Approximately 83 spaces are required for staff and visitors. That leaves 26 spaces available for student drivers. We expect approximately 45 senior student drivers.

You can see from the numbers that NYOS will not have enough parking spaces on the Lamar campus. Therefore, only senior students will be allowed to drive to school. Some senior student drivers will park at the Kramer campus and ride the bus to Lamar on the morning bus run. At dismissal, senior student drivers will ride the bus back to Kramer. Senior student drivers who actively attend ACC or whose schedule allows them to leave campus during the day will be given first priority to park at Lamar.

NYOS does understand that limiting student parking to seniors may create a hardship for some families.  If this is the case for your family, please contact Mr. Wilson, cwilson@nyos.org, to discuss.

As a reminder, student drivers will be permitted to drive to school under the following conditions:

•             permission must be obtained from the Principal or designee;

•             students must be in compliance with the school attendance and discipline policies;

•             students must drive a safe, legal, and environmentally-sound vehicle as determined by the Principal or designee;

•             written approval must be obtained from the student’s parents or guardians;

•             student’s academic performance must be acceptable as determined by the Principal or designee;

•             students will be required to purchase a parking permit for $50;

•             students must fill out an application and provide the school with proof of insurance and a valid driver’s license;

•             students under 18 years of age are prohibited from driving with more than one passenger in the vehicle under 21 years of age who is not a family member per state law (HB 3483);

•             a student’s right to drive on campus may be revoked at the Principal’s discretion.