NYOS Charter School

Success Stories

Toyosi Oyelola

After graduating from NYOS Charter School in 2016, Toyosi began college at New York University and began cultivating skills to achieve goals in consulting, marketing, and social media strategy. She is now employed at CO OP Brand Co, a full-service creative company located in Manhattan, New York.


Toyosi’s singularity, tenacity, and determination were skills that stemmed and bloomed from her experience at NYOS. While at NYU, she discovered that, “A community like NYOS is a great thing to have, and while it’s not easy to find, it’s always worth pursuing.” Moving from a tight-knit community to a big city, Toyosi states, “I don’t think that I would have been willing to make such a big leap if I didn’t have a strong support system behind me.” 


Chelsea Elliott


Executive Director of the half Helen Foundation, Chelsea Elliott, graduated from NYOS Charter School in 2009. After going through a personal experience with vision and hearing loss, Chelsea has gone on to found the half Helen Foundation with a mission to improve school-age children’s vision and hearing through innovative, cost-effective screening and dedicated advocacy.


Chelsea's ingenuity, determination, and dedication to found her own nonprofit began with skills learned at NYOS. "My teachers at NYOS instilled a sense of resourcefulness and problem-solving. Students owned the responsibility for their education."


Claire Taylor

Published fiction writer and Texas State University alumnus Claire Taylor graduated from NYOS Charter School in 2006. During her time at NYOS, Claire recalls becoming an active participant in her own life while being given the space not just to learn academic excellence, but to also practice independence.


"The autonomy NYOS provided, allowed me to invest in myself and my education, not to simply sit around, hoping to passively absorb the information I needed to move on to the next grade,” says Claire. “NYOS also helped foster my joy of intellectual exploration, which I use every day in my writing."


Shelbi Suarez

Shelbi started her NYOS education in the 5th grade. The NYOS campus was, at the time, located at Gessner St, and the teaching staff was a mere 6 teachers! Shelbi states the hands-on experience she received from teachers was solely because of the smaller class sizes at the school. She felt the teachers had more time for her questions or when she struggled with a particular lesson.


In secondary, Shelbi decided to transfer to a public school due to her wanting to pursue an athletic volleyball scholarship, which she was awarded! She recalls the shock of attending public schools with, at times, 30 students per class and not receiving the hands-on approach from the teachers she had experienced at NYOS. Needless to say, it took a bit of getting used to for Shelbi.


Shelbi is now happily married and has recently welcomed her 2nd child, Miss Emmalynn Brinley weighing in at a whopping and beautiful 10.5 lbs! On a special note, our very own Student Data/Registrar, Marilyn Stapleton, is the proud mom of Shelbi Suarez. Today, Shelbi holds 2 degrees: a Bachelor's in Behavioral Science and a Master’s in Education Curriculum Design