Heather Pargament » Welcome to Ms. P's 6th Grade Social Studies Class!

Welcome to Ms. P's 6th Grade Social Studies Class!

I am so privileged to share this experience with you learning about world cultures. Many students ask me what we will study in social studies, and the answer is, well....everything! 
The American National Council for Social Studies defines social studies as "the integrated study of the social sciences and humanities to promote civic competence." In other words, it helps us become active global citizens with knowledge about our world, nation and societies around us- through political science, history, economics, religion, geography, anthropology and sociology. Armed with such knowledge, we may better understand issues such as health care, crime, migration, public policy and international relations that affect us and our families.
Making informed decisions when we participate in civic life can help us create a better world for us all. I hope this introduction to world cultures is fun, interesting and above all inspires you to want to do more for our world!