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7th Grade Science Schedule

Here, you can find important links that are relevant to specific units as well as an overview of what types of content and skills we will be learning :)
Our first unit encompasses some of the foundational skills of science, such as lab safety, knowing the scientific method, and knowing how to record and convert data. These are the skills we'll be focusing on for this unit.
Unit 1 Skills: 1.1 I can explain why the scientific method is a cycle and not a linear process 1.2 I can explain the difference between independent and dependent variables 1.3 I can explain why an experiment has an experimental group and a control group 1.4 I know the safety procedures for my classroom and activities 1.5 I know what prefixes are for measurements 1.6 I can convert using known prefixes 1.7 I can identify the correct metric units for volume, mass, length, temperature, and time