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Welcome to 6th Grade Math!
Welcome to 6th Grade Mathematics and 6th Grade Honors Mathematics! 


Outdoor School Medication Form

If your child takes medication and will NEED to take it at Outdoor School, please fill out the uploaded form and send it to school TOMORROW with the medication.  If you are chaperoning, please keep the medication with you. 



Ms. Barta

Outdoor School update

There has been a slight change of plans. We will be eating our sack lunches at Lakeside Park in Marble Falls, not at Outdoor School.

Thursday Schedule:

8:30- Parents that are driving arrive at NYOS

9:00- Bus departure

10:20- Arrive at Lakeside Park in Marble Falls to eat sack lunches and play

11:20- Leave Lakeside Park for Outdoor School

11:45- Arrive at Outdoor School and unload cars (all luggage goes under large pavilion)

12:30- Move into cabins

1:00- Orientation

Outdoor School Transportation Forms

Transportation forms are due tomorrow!  This enables us to figure out transportation for all of the 4th and 5th graders who will be attending.  I will post that as well as email a copy.


I was really impressed with all of the science projects and inventions!  They did a great job.  I hope they (and you) enjoyed the experience! 

Our class had the highest attendance for ALL of NYOS.  This means they will get to do an extra 'fun' science lesson (not tied into one of our specific 4th grade TEKS). 

Thank you for coming out last night and supporting NYOS, our class, and your student!


Yesterday we harvested from the garden while we were at the STEM trailer.  Students converted the units of measurements in the recipes, doubled them,  and then cooked them.  They turned out great and were a big hit!  Here are our latest recipes:

Kale, Swiss Chard, and Feta salad (we did not use walnuts, raisins, or chicken): 


Orzo with Parmesan and Basil: