Order Curbside Meal Boxes for Next Tuesday

The NYOS Food Service Department is offering curbside meals on Tuesdays between 10:30 AM and 1:30 PM! Curbside meal boxes (each box contains 5 breakfast meals and 5 lunch meals) are available to ALL students at our Lamar Campus Whitetop (12301 N Lamar Blvd).
Prices for curbside meal boxes are the following and payment must be made by cash or check ONLY:
  • $37.50 for regular price
  • $3.50 for families who qualify for reduced price
  • Free for families who qualify for free price
Please note that NYOS will NOT offer curbside meal boxes during our fall break! To reserve boxes for next week for your student(s), please sign-up here.
Upon arrival to the Lamar Campus, please call or text our Food Service Manager, Maggie Mondragon-Munoz at 512-693-8533.